What Are The Best Car Deals For Seniors In 2019?


As cars become more technologically advanced, it can be tough for some seniors to find the right kind of vehicle to accommodate their lifestyle. Many new cars feature touchscreen-based controls that can be confusing to use. Others feature sleek designs that prove uncomfortable for seniors to safely exit and enter.

But 2019 offers a number of cars that provide the features and comfort desired by seniors. Here are just a few of the best deals for seniors this year.

1. Subaru Forester

There’s a reason why the Forester has long been a favorite among the senior crowd. Foresters have wider doors and lower openings compared to the average vehicle, allowing seniors easier access.

The Forester also offers a host of safety features and an impressive list of upgradeable options. These include Subaru DriverFocus, which alerts drivers if they’re driving erratically. There’s also blind spot monitoring, traffic alerts and collision warning sensors for the front end.

Along with being safe, the Forester is also energy efficient. Its 4-cylinder engine gets around 33 mpg for highway driving, impressive for an SUV. This helps keep fuel costs down during road tripping season.

Starting at around $25,000, the Forester gives you an affordable, safe experience for seniors who like to wander.

2. Honda Pilot

The Honda Pilot provides a seriously smooth ride and lots of space for the road-tripping senior. Its starting price of $32,000 might be a bit higher than the other vehicles on this list, but the added features are worth it.

First off, you’ve got the powerful V-6 engine that gets an impressive 27 mpg for highway driving. This makes the Pilot a good choice for those seniors ready for an off-road adventure.

The Pilot also comes loaded with safety features, including collision warning, automatic emergency braking and lane assist. It also provides a wide door entrance and a low sill, providing seniors with safe in-out access.

Seniors will find the Pilot’s tech features easy to use. The vehicle’s touchscreen display is 5 inches, large enough that seniors will have an easy time viewing their options. The Pilot also allows drivers to control the audio and navigation systems through voice control, a handy feature for seniors wanting to avoid distractions.

3. Ford Escape

The Ford Escape is perfect for seniors who want lots of space but don’t want to pay lots of money.

The Escape’s $24,000 starting price provides tons of safety features to give you the most bang for your buck. These include automatic wipers, blind spot monitoring, forward crash warnings and more. The Escape also features an easy touchscreen interface to control audio and navigation.

4. Honda CR-V

Another great Honda offering for seniors is the reliable Honda CR-V. While not as spacious as the Pilot, the CR-V provides plenty of room for senior drivers and excellent fuel efficiency at 28 mpg overall.

The CR-V is also more affordable than the Pilot with a starting price around $25,000. Yet you still retain the wide openings and room cabin found in the Pilot.

In addition to affordability, you also get plenty of safety. The vehicle comes loaded with features like automatic emergency braking, blind spot warning and more, providing a safe ride for seniors on the go.

5. Hyundai Santa Fe

2019 brought us the newly redesigned Hyundai Santa Fe, replacing 2018’s Santa Fe Sport. While both vehicles are similar, the new Santa Fe adds some nice features and a more spacious, curved design.

The 2019 Santa Fe gives you nearly 2 inches in additional rear leg room over the 2018 model, giving seniors more room to stretch out on those road trips. The Santa Fe’s cabin space was also expanded for the new model.

Hyundai also made it easy to reposition seating in the new Santa Fe. The vehicle’s LATCH system received the 2nd-highest rating for ease of use according to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety.

With a starting price of $25,000, the Santa Fe serves as a solid competitor to the Honda CR-V in both size, price and style.

However, the Santa Fe includes additional safety features missing from the CR-V. These include a rearview camera, collision avoidance assist with pedestrian detection, driver attention monitoring and adaptive cruise control. Another useful feature is the safe exit assist, which warns passengers if a car is approaching from the rear when opening the vehicle’s doors.

The added features explain why the Santa Fe received a 5 out of 5-star safety rating from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

With so many great offerings for seniors in 2019, there’s no reason not to find the exact vehicle that fits your needs. Whether its a roomy cabin or a safe ride, the cars on this list will put you in the driver’s seat for wherever you plan to go.