What are the Best SUVs deals in 2019?


Picking a new family car can be a minefield. The SUV market is one of the most crowded in the world–making the best choice isn’t easy -purchasing a car is a major decision and not one that should be taken lightly. We have handpicked a selection of the best for you.

Toyota RAV4

Retailing at a very reasonable £29,635. The new Toyota RAV4 is one of the cheapest family cars in the UK of 2019- that doesn’t skimp on the frills. 

It’s had a major makeover- a new Sporty look– the RA4 is packed with all the latest mod cons- and some, that include 17″ Silver Alloy Wheels (5-spoke), Safety Sense Pre-collision with Cyclist Detection, Night-time Pedestrian Detection & Adaptive Cruise Control.

A welcome bonus is you can choose to customise the car to your specification – the safety accessories are included unlike some its competition- It’s roomy, and seats can be adjusted to suit the driver position.

It’s also kinder when it comes to the environment with an astonishing 100g/km CO2 output – less than a small petrol car. The acceleration is not bad either with 0-60mph in 8.4 seconds and a top speed of 130mph.

If you’re looking for a car that’s economically sound – the RAV4 is it- a hybrid (petrol and electric) 2.5L engine and CVT gearbox that’s perfect for saving fuel, no matter where you live, as the RAV4 works exceptionally- in all weather conditions. 

Audi Q5

Audio’s classy new entry, the Q5 takes some beating – and it cheaper than its big brother the Q7. Costing from 37,804 it comes with a 2L petrol or diesel engine – with decent Co2 emissions -although still not that healthy. 

Like its predecessors it has all the German marks of quality, from beautiful leather interior, adjustable steering wheel and seats, ensuring a comfortable ride. 

The 2.0L petrol version the nippier of the two- with an acceleration of 0-60mph in 5.9s and- an above average speed of 147mph.

A welcome addition until the release of its hybrid model penciled in for next year.


Anything Audi can do, noisy neighbours BMW can do just as good or better. Starting at £37, 980 the 4 cylinders, 4 wheel drive (basic model that can be upgraded to flagship Sport M at a cost of £46,050) – is ten grand cheaper than the X5, and it’s quick. It can do 0-62mph in 5.3secs, with a top speed of 132mp, with the 6 cylinder version topping over 150mph.

Kitted out in all the best you’d expect from BMW including heated seats, 18inch alloys, and BMW’s intuitive Drive Performance Control, and an amazing 8-speed gearbox.

If you have an environmental conscience, then this not for you- as it’s only fuelled by petrol or diesel- but still a first-rate alternative. 

Skoda Kodiaq

The Kodaiq is a sensible choice, it may not be prettiest in our selection- but it can hold its own.

Cheap in comparison from £24,157 for the standard edition-in a congested marketplace- the Kodiaq is an excellent addition. 

Built for big families, this 7 seater is good value. The 1.5L petrol or more expensive 2.0L diesel engine is more than capable of supporting long trips and short school runs – and comes with added bonuses, such as a three year manufacturer warranty.

The standard model has a fairly unremarkable top speed of 121mph and only manages 0-60mph in 10.7 seconds and the more expensive diesel version –only does marginally better.

A car built for reliability – however upgrading can be expensive for the extra trimmings such as blindspot parking and lane keep assistant.

 Land Rover Discovery Sport 

The British stalwart has got better and is sitting pretty again-like a bulldog, it badgers its way back to the top with the Discovery Sport- and the price fits snugly in the lower end of SUV’s at £31,575

 It’s not skimping on the luxuries with a heated steering wheel and smart technology such as infotainment- that allows to check fuel levels and unlock the vehicle from your phone.

It’s also one of the best at handling and runs up steep hills effortlessly.

However, the large 2.2L diesel engine isn’t going to win many green votes- which is a shame – a sturdy car with an engine to match.


If luxury and style are what you’re after the speedy BMW X3 and the slick Audi are the priciest SUV’s on this list- but not the most economical.

Skoda’s Kodiaq is a good all-rounder with added bonus of being more cost-effective, however, there aren’t many extras to go along with the basic model- that may put people off used to their creature comforts.

The Toyota RV4 is a brilliant SUV- for value and sustainability. Equipped with great safety features included in the price and the combination engine- just tips the others for being that little bit greener.

If you are looking for a solid large family car it’s a welcome addition.