Should you switch? 6 of the best all-electric cars coming in 2019


The electric car market is buzzing. We’re all going greener, fuelled by Government incentives, make the purchase of an electric car, a very attractive proposition. 

2019 will see a massive influx in productivity, from the electric ‘Supercar’, the most economical family SUV, to the nippy small get around vehicle.

We’ve handpicked a selection of the best for you…

The Jaguar I-pace

Credentials speak for themselves, the I-pace was announced as World Car of the Year 2019, a no mean feat, considering its petrol guzzling competition.

With its sleek look, it has the luxury you’d expect from a Jag- and it handles like an electric dream.

This is Jaguars first all-electric performance SUV. Accurate and composed like its fossil fuel cousins the Jaguar E-type, the I-pace sets a new standard for the way electric cars drive.

This Jaguar works beautifully in all terrains and features a whopping range of 298miles from a full charge- an excellent 0-60mph in 4.5 seconds, however, only clocks an average top speed of 124 mph.

Built for practicality, it includes a large 656 litre storage space at the rear – enough for a large family holiday, and a further 27 litre storage capacity under the bonnet.  Jaguar has also thought about safety features, including ISOFIX sockets for baby chairs.

All in all, an impressive vehicle, with a modest price of £63,495 (£58,995 after government Plug-in Car Grant), it sets the bar for future innovation.

Audi E-tron

Hot on the wheels of the I-pace is Audi’s E-tron. The E-tron is fashioned on the popular Audi Q5, which will please many car enthusiasts. Audi’s intentions are clear, it sees the E-tron as a viable rival, and it’s quite bullish about it.

The car comes equipped with AC and DC connectors ensuring fast charging capability, make this car an attractive contender.

It also has a fantastic range of 241miles per full charge, 0-60pmh in 5.5 seconds, and matches the I-Pace’s speed of 124mph.

The E-tron is a stylish 5 door alternative, a definite ‘looker’ that comes with a price tag from £71,000.

Tesla Model 3

Tesla’s latest offering- the third generation Tesla Model 3- doesn’t disappoint.

Boy can it shift -It has the fastest acceleration for an electric road car on this list- an impressive 0-60mph in 3.2 seconds with an equally brilliant top speed of 162mph, and an astounding 329miles for a full charge.

The Tesla isn’t just built for speed, it comes with cutting-edge safety features, including a frame built of aluminium and steel, giving the driver extra security and peace of mind. Yours for the princely sum of £41,550, better get in the queue.

Hyundai Kona Electric

Family comes first, and the Hyundai does what is says on the tin.

Another entry in the SUV family car market. Its popularity is remarkable, there is a waiting list to get your hands on one of these, and it’s not surprising.

The Kona Electric is available in three levels- SE, Premium and Premium SE- and it’s the cheapest SUV in the market at £27,250…

Quality has not been sacrificed for price though. You’ll get a great 279miles from a full charge, 0-60mph in 7.4secs, a top speed of 104mph   and fantastic safety measures to foot.

The revolutionary regenerative braking, provides energy to replenish the battery – perfect for those long hauls.

Renault Zoe R110

Needing just to get from A to B? The Renault Zoe could be the one for you, and it’s the lightest on the wallet currently in the UK.

Starting at a reasonable £20,000, and the possibility of a £3500 price reduction through the government grant.

 Its sluggish 0-60mph in 11.4 seconds is quickly forgotten by a lightning quick full charge in under 8hrs, and an admirable range up to 186miles for equal measure, it’s the ultimate get up a go car.  


If your perception of the electric car, is that they will never better its petrol counterparts, then think again. The NIO EP9 is quite simply a beast, a lion tearing up the tarmac.

Fresh from its record breaking top speed for an all-electric vehicle at a breathtaking 217mph, 0.60pmh in 2.7seconds, and a road splitting 429mile range from a single charge – the equivalent of driving from London to Glasgow (with a few miles to spare), the gauntlet has beesn laid down.

A snip at £1.2million- however, you better be quicker than Lewis Hamilton as only 10 will on sale to the public…

The all-electric car revolution continues- an exciting abundance of choice. Innovation is the driver, all-electric cars are becoming more practical, and more economically sound. Cheaper and faster…bigger and better.

Finding a perfect fit has never been easier in 2019, whatever you desire.

Jaguar I-paceAudi E-tronTesla Model 3Hyundai Kona ElectricRenault Zoe R110NIO EP9
Range298 Miles241 Miles329 Miles279 miles186 Miles429 Miles
0-604.5 Seconds5.5 Seconds3.2 Seconds7.4 Seconds11.4 Seconds2.7 Seconds
£71,000£41,550£27,250£20,000£1.2 Million