Which is the Best? iPhone XS vs Samsung s10


Tech giants Apple and Samsung go toe to toe again.         

Apple struck the first blow with their iPhone XS last September and Samsung have taken a long time coming off the ropes, and have finally countered with the Samsung S10.

But which is better? We weigh up the contenders for the battle of the super phones.


Samsung go all-out attack mode with their Dynamic AMOLED Infinity 0 Display. They’ve vamped the screen, it’s immersive – and it’s bigger from 5.8inch to 6.1inch – giving the viewer a more cinematic experience.

The iPhone XS plumps for a more pocket friendly 5.8inch and a larger whopping 6.5inch for the movie lovers- it uses an impressive HDR, WQHD+ and AMOLED screen- with a smaller notch at the top of the screen.

However the S10 nudges its rival – for the ability to ramp up the screen when it’s needed- through its higher resolution and HDR10+ certification- might just upset the apple cart- it gives the best details of a picture this side of the galaxy.  

Battery life

The S10’s has a larger 3400mAh battery compared to the Apples flagship of 2658mAh, meaning at the end of the day, you should have enough juice with Samsung, to cope with last minute eventualities.

One shining light for Apple is the iPhone XS’s media consumption seems to cope better than the S10 – for social media butterfly’s this is a godsend.


Apple has dominated Samsung through its superior processor. The iPhone XS comes with the latest A12 bionic SoC 7nm (translation the smaller the nm, the more responsive the phone).

The S10 features the Exynos 9820- a slightly larger- but less efficient chip at 8nm.

Both fly out the traps at a phenomenal rate- they are lightening quick- however the XS just pips the S10.

However, Samsung has an ace up its sleeve- the S10 is equipped with a memory busting 8RAM to the iPhones XS 4RAM- making multi-tasking effortless for those long office days.

Both phones can charge wirelessly, but a surprising perk from Samsung, enables the phone to charge other wireless products is -pretty neat.


The Samsung S10 is the lazy person’s dream- due to the seemingly infinite possibilities for storage of 128GB and 512 GB- with the added extra of opting for micro-SD…is ludicrous and perhaps overkill.

The iPhone XS hasn’t the option to increase memory and offers the iPhone in not two but three memory options- 64GB, 256GB and 512GB.


Featuring  iPhone XS’s 12mega pixel dual camera and a front 7 megapixel camera-  produces excellent exposed pictures, whatever the weather, utilising a smart auto-HDR mode.

Samsung has opted for a triple camera set up on the rear and dual camera on the front – that enables ultra- wide shots and the variable aperture settings of f/1.5-f/2.4 -make for interesting photographs and more ‘arty’ feel for the user.


Personal security is- one that many are not willing to take a chance with. 

The iPhone XS features a more improved Face ID with the ability to log in to your phone without the use of usernames and passwords- and the iPhone XS- is very difficult to fool.

Samsung offer this, partnered with its genie in the bottle- its hidden finger print sensor on the front of the phone- that has industry experts cooing at its dependability.


With innovation comes a price, and Apple’s latest iPhone XS has a starting price of £999 for the 64GB model, £1,149 for the 256GB and a hefty £1,349 for the top 512GB model.

Samsung’s Galaxy S10 isn’t exactly what you’d call affordable by any standard. Prices start at £799 for the 128GB, with the top 512GB model setting you back £999. Yes – the same price as the entry-level 64GB iPhone XS.

However, many of us opt for phone upgrades – so price isn’t necessarily a deal breaker.


There will be Apple aficionados that can see pass iPhones shortcoming’s, for want of a better bionic chip and hatred of Android UI- and likewise Samsung users scoff at Apple users supposed superior apps and processor.

If you spend most of your days on Facebook Instagram and Snapchat, then the Phone XS- is for you- it handles media better than the Kardashians.

Its camera is one of best in the business, and it’s a flip of a coin to decide whether the S10 wide angle lens camera is better than Apples more balanced photo.  However Samsung’s S10 can go places that Apple can’t.

The S10 is a knockout when it comes to organising and using your phone as PDA, its longer battery life has a distinct advantage in all most categories relating to memory and storage.

It’s a better cost cutting affair than Apples flagship – both pay a pretty penny – but the S10 is a good chunk better for the bank balance.

Picking the best we can’t ignore the tale of the tape. The S10 simply has more to offer. The final blow goes to the Samsung S10.