Which is the best iPhone for you?


Despite other brands eating into Apple’s profits —the iPhone remains a popular choice. Apple regularly releases phones to a public frenzy —that never fail to impress.

Despite other brands eating into Apple’s profits —the iPhone remains a popular choice. Apple regularly releases phones to a public frenzy —that never fail to impress.

We take a few out for a techy test spin. Read on, to see which iPhone is the apple of our eye.

Best Screen

Apple moved away from LCD screens a couple of years ago—its last LCD venture was the predecessor to the iPhone XS — the iPhone XR. 

Although slightly dated, it still packs a punch. There is still the sharpness in detail of the newer models — and a meaty 6.1inch screen —however, limitation in resolution is sacrificed— as the XR’s liquid retina screen is a lower 1792×828.

It’s hard to fault Apple’s flagship the iPhone XS Max’s OLED screen — a gargantuan 6.5inch and super-charged resolution of 2688×1242 — gives a more immersive experience for the user— due to the highest resolution of any iPhone (the smaller XS screen is a more pocket-sized 5.8inch, with a still superlative resolution of 2436×1125) — and it takes a fair knock for good measure — the screen has incredibly durable glass.

Best Performance 

The iPhone XS Max and the XR have the best battery for iOS (however the XR just gets the nod), the older iPhone 8 plus, could be an option, as it too has a larger battery that outperforms the newer XS.

Apple has the best processors on the planet—and the latest A12 bionic chip takes centre stage in the flagship XS MAX, XS and the XR—and can’t be beaten for speed. However the XS and XS MAX have 4GB of RAM, compared to the XR’s 3GB — in a flat race, there’s no contest.

Best Features 

Apples anti-theft mechanisms have always been a tough act to follow— iPhones are almost impossible to reset without the owner —unlike many other brands.

The Security features are always on point— and the newest phones in the premium range are no exception. 

One of the coolest features the iPhone XS and larger model XS Max has is the Face ID security revamp — one of the most fool-proof —there’s no pulling the wool over the eyes of this iPhone. It’s stunningly accurate, and your face can unlock passwords and accounts—even when wearing a hat and sunglasses.

The camera on the XS and XS Max is a marvel— a dual 12-megapixel on the rear— giving an incredible depth of field- that beats the XR for clarity, which is fitted with a 12- megapixel single camera and both feature a single 7-megapixel camera on the front.

Apple offers 64GB, 256GB and a colossal 512GB on the XS, XS MAX, and more modest storage with the XR model, at 64GB, 128GB and 256GB.

Best Value 

The XR is still a hit—the cheapest of the three top iPhones with an entry level of £749— and has most of what the XS and XS Max offer, including Smart HDR, 4K video and the same software of its iOS brothers. 

Flagships the XS and the XS MAX come with a mammoth price to match—entry level 64GB for the XS is £999 and the XS MAX is £1,099.

The iPhone 8 plus is not considered a premium phone today— a lot happens in two years—it’s still decent, with a price tag of £699 — £50 cheaper than the XR.  

Furthermore, Apple offers one of the best trade-in prices for your old iPhone saving you from £40 and up to £500 for an iPhone X…

The Best

For all day usage the XR and MAX, are the best ‘battery buddies’, which is criminal if you had your sights on the smaller XS model. 

If top dollar is an issue, you can’t go wrong with the XR. It may not come with the all singing and dancing OLED screen, but with the imperious A12 chip fitted — it’s a winner.

The iPhone XS MAX is simply the best iOS phone today. It has the largest screen of any iPhone. It may feel it a bit ‘brick’ like, so the XS or XR maybe a better alternative for some—the XR sits like the middle child for performance and screen size.

Both the XS MAX and XS can’t be rivaled for features though, and the camera on the XS MAX and XS is superior—storage will never be an issue—the XS and XS MAX can come in a mouth-watering 512GB.

Go on live life to the MAX—you won’t regret it.