How to Save Money on Hotels with Airbnb?


In just a few years since its inception, Airbnb has started a worldwide revolution that is still going strong in 2019. This online platform has become the favorite vacation site for millions of tourists around the world. Countless tourists have found out Airbnb to be a cheaper, more intimate and more personalized vacation approach than the standard hotels. More specifically, Airbnb allows you to connect with hosts in a city you want to visit and spend some quality time in their home.

Instead of spending time at a hotel and eating outside, Airbnb allows you to eat right in your host apartment. You can basically enjoy all the amenities offered by a standard apartment: Privacy, a kitchen, TV, sofas and any other amenities you find useful such as parking or a washing machine. Instead of paying hundreds of pounds on hotels, you can save by staying at an Airbnb apartment.

Of course, if you have the budget, you can rent a luxury condo and spend an unforgettable weekend with your loved ones, whether it’s in a city or an exotic island.  What’s truly amazing about Airbnb is that you can actually save money using this alternative to hotels.

Here’s how to Save with Airbnb:  

1. Leverage the special offer hosts can make you

Any host on Airbnb has the option to make a special offer to their chosen guests. You can basically negotiate the price of your stay and in some cases save up to 25%. To leverage this feature, send your future host a message with your specific dates and try to convince them that you are worth having as a guest.  

Use this feature respectfully and cautiously, knowing that many Airbnb owners rent their apartments for a living. You can include the following ideas in your message: planning to stay for a longer period of time, you want to get to know them better and you are booking last-minute.  So how to practically get a discount? Go to the apartment and click on the Contact Host. Do not click on the Request to Book yet. Next, enter the dates when you are planning to stay and write the introductory message, without mentioning the discount. Once your host responds to your message and pre-approves your stay, message the host again and kindly ask for a discount.

2. Have flexible dates

Another great way to save money on Airbnb is to be flexible with the dates. If you find an apartment you like, select different dates and notice how the price drops considerably. Prices vary depending on how the host chooses to set them. Moreover, price varies depending on the season.  During summer, you’ll notice how the price goes up on all listings. Try the same listing during spring or fall and you’ll notice how the price is lower. Have a certain degree of flexibility in order to save as much money as possible. Keep in mind that even during holidays and the Summer some weeks or even days are cheaper, pay attention to this as it varies from one location to another.

3. Look on other sites

Family owned hostels or apartment owners publish their listing on numerous sites, not just on Airbnb. You might be able to find the same apartment you like cheaper on sites like, or similar. For example, on you can book directly with the owner, without paying any extra fees.  There are other sites you can find, but it all depends on the country you’re going to. For example, the sites in Spain differ from the sites in Austria or Germany. Look on local sites and you might have a pleasant surprise to find your Airbnb apartment cheaper. Of course, it goes both ways. You may find the same apartment more expensive on other sites than on Airbnb. Do your research and choose the best option for you.  

4. Bring more friends with you

One of the quickest ways to save big time on Airbnb is to travel in packs. You’ll notice that most owners rent their entire apartments, which usually include two bedrooms and a living room. You’ll always find a sofa or more on the living room, so you basically can go 3 couples and spend some quality time together in a 2-room apartment. You can save up to 50% if you bring more friends with you.  

5. Book more nights

Even if it sounds counterintuitive, sometimes you’ll get a better price by booking more nights on Airbnb than what you need. Most Airbnb hosts offer hefty discounts for longer stays. For example, you can save 20% by simply booking 8 days instead of 6 days. So if you’re staying 4 nights or more, it’s worth checking it out. The longer the stay, the better this offer can be.

Last, and while a bit offtopic never, but we mean NEVER try to get in touch with the host and pay them directly without paying through Airbnb. Airbnb has a customer service and they will take care of you if you’ll ever have problems. Enjoy your stay, Airbnb is a great experience!