5 Tips For Last Minute Vacations


Perhaps usually you like to plan ahead when going on vacation, but this time, you simply didn’t have the time for that. Or maybe you are spontaneous and you love to get the best deals in the last minute. Either way, you can use certain tips to ensure that you find the best prices for the last minute vacation.

To help you out, we’ve compiled a list with the top 5 tips for finding great last minute vacations.

1. Register to email newsletters

Travel websites such as Expedia, Travelocity, Kayak or Priceline offer weekly or daily newsletters that include all the latest deals available worldwide. Based on your selection, you can choose to receive emails only for the parts of the world you’re interested in. You can get amazing deals for cruises, hotels and city breaks and flights right to your inbox.  It takes minutes to register, perhaps less. Then, finding the ideal destination could be as easy as checking your email on your mobile while commuting to work or back home.

2. Do your online research

To find the best last minute vacation, do not just use one site. For example, if you usually use TripAdvisor or Kayak, don’t use only them. Maybe you can find better offers for your favorite destination on sites like Trivago, Skyscanner, Hotels.com or Booking.com. You can also try mobile apps like Flightboard, Travelzoo, Jetsetter or Last Minute Travel to find your favorite spot while on the go.  With so many cool websites and apps popping up every month, it is worth the time checking more of them to find a better deal and save hundreds of dollars on your next vacation. Of course, it goes without saying that you should only choose reputable sites or apps that have been used by millions before.

3. Be open to try new destinations

You might not find the best deals for your planned vacation to Dubai or Thailand. Instead, you might find last minute offers you can’t refuse to Tahiti, Cuba or even Iceland. Do not be afraid to try new destinations and go to places you’ve never visited before. Our planet is so vast and beautiful, and each continent has its own marvels. There might be a great deal for a destination you didn’t consider, simply because you didn’t know much about it.

4. Aim for the off-season

Last minute travel is short notice travel, and when you’re looking to book a vacation in the last minute during holidays or the summer, finding good deals is often impossible. However, last minute is best during off-season. Great deals pop up when there is a shortage of clients, and hotels and airlines are losing money. During off-season, we recommend you to look for deals midweek, if possible. Traveling on a Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday enables you to get a much better price than traveling on Friday, Saturday or Sunday. Want an example? Check out prices for hotels in Las Vegas for 2 days during the weekend compared to 2 days in the middle of the week and see for yourself.  Be smart when choosing your holiday and compare deals on several sites. For example, you can select the departure date on a Wednesday and compare all similar offers on several sites to choose the best one for you.

5. Understand how the 14-day rule works

You’ve probably heard of this rule that all savvy travelers are well aware of. If they are not fully booked, cruise ships, hotels, motels and airlines offer a hefty price reduction exactly 14 days before the actual travel/check-in starts. To make the most out of the 14-day rule, make sure that you line up both your accommodation and transportation. For example, you might get a great deal at a hotel, but the return plane ticket is more expensive because it’s 21 days away. Buy it 7 days after you purchased the flight tickets to your destination and after booking the hotel. This way, you’ll be able to apply the 14-day rule to every single part of your accommodation.  With these in mind, you are now ready to enjoy your last minute travel and save a lot of money.