How to Find Affordable Attorneys In Your Area?


Many of us believe that we won’t ever need an attorney…until we need an attorney.

If you ever expect to start a business, write a will or set up a trust, you should have a plan to find the best possible legal counsel. But as we know, attorneys are expensive and good attorneys can be even more expensive.

Fortunately, the internet has opened up new ways to help regular people find a good, affordable attorney specializing in your specific need.

In this article, we’ll discuss what you should look for in your legal search and some of the ways that you can lawyer up without spending down.

What kind of attorney do you need?

Finding the right attorney starts with knowing what particular services you need. For example, if you’re signing a business contract, you’ll want a business contract lawyer, while an estate or wills lawyer will help you write your will.

Attorneys generally charge using one of three pay structures:

  • Hourly fee
  • Flat fee
  • Monthly fee

Each pay structure has its advantages and disadvantages depending on your specific situation. For long-term or complex cases, hiring an attorney by the hour is probably your best bet. But if your legal needs are more simple or you just need a consultation, then you may be best served by a flat or monthly fee.

There are a number of digital tools to easily connect you with an attorney that specializes in your legal issue. The following sites all provide you with the background information needed to ensure that you’re properly represented.


Nolo features over 30,000 attorneys and has handled over one million requests in their 48 year of existence, so you know you’re getting the real deal. Their directory provides profiles of each attorney, including their experience, education and fees, along with their legal philosophy. Every attorney is also guaranteed to possess a current license and be in good standing with the bar association.


RightCounsel is a free service that matches you with the right attorney using 32 unique factors to find a match, including your case characteristics and personal preferences. RightCounsel generally offers legal aid on a per-hour basis and features attorneys in fields such as personal injury, employment and life insurance.


FindLaw provides an easily navigable system to direct you to qualified attorneys in your area. Simply fill out the search with your legal issue and location. FindLaw then directs you to an enormous list of attorneys who specialize in your specific issue. The list includes the attorney’s website, contact information and free consultations.


Avvo features on the largest attorney directories on the internet. The site supplies detailed profiles, reviews and ratings on 97% of all attorneys in the US. You can filter their list based on free consultations, the number of years licensed and Avvo rating. You’ll also be able to send direct emails to your chosen attorney and read user-submitted reviews.


UpCounsel is a lawyer matching service for small businesses, startups and entrepreneurs. The service allows you to post your legal issue on their site and receive bids from business attorneys across the US. Bidding attorneys send you a proposal, which includes price, qualifications and services to be rendered. From there, you can request a free consultation and either hire an attorney or continue your search.


LegalShield is a prepaid service that covers such issues as consumer finance, traffic accidents, estate planning and real estate. For $24.95/month, LegalShield provides unlimited, 24/7 legal advice in-person or by phone. You’ll also receive standard will preparation and trial defense services. You can also upgrade to their small business plans for $39/month for businesses with less than 10 employees. The small business plans include general consultation, contract and document review and debt collection assistance. There are additional plans for larger businesses that range in price.


One of the most popular prepaid plans, LegalZoom charges an affordable $9.99/month for their legal services. They offer less comprehensive services than LegalShield but there are still plenty of perks. These include unlimited 30-minute consultations related to new legal issues, up to 10 pages of document review and a yearly legal checkup.

These resources should get you set up to confidently find an attorney that works for your specific needs.

But before you hire, always make sure your attorney is board certified and is experienced in your particular area of focus. If you’re concerned about an attorney’s reputation, you can search for any disciplinary issues at the Directory of Lawyer Disciplinary Agencies.

And finally, always read the fine print. Some attorneys and legal services charge additional fees that might not be clear. Be 100% sure what you’re getting into by reviewing each attorney’s rating, certifications and experience.

Good luck on your legal search!